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Cloud Hosting, The word is familiar to everyone and there are many companies here to provide Cloud Hosting Services. If you are new to Hosting, the first thing that hit in your mind will be What is Cloud Hosting? Now we are going to discuss about Cloud Hosting in India.

What is Cloud Hosting?
Cloud Hosting IndiaCloud Hosting refers Hosting Services that are provided to customers via multiple connected servers that comprise a cloud against to provided by a single server or virtual server. Cloud hosting is also referred to as server on-demand hosting, cloud server hosting or cluster server hosting.

All physical and virtual resources are sharing in the Cloud Hosting instead of deploying local or personal software and hardware. Flexibility is one of the main advantages of Cloud Hosting. It also provides more reliability because internal system errors do not affect the continuity of its functioning. Cloud Hosting is attached with the benefits of cost-effectiveness, security and reliability and business operations always on access.

When you heard about Cloud computing its sure you may also hear about some other forms of Cloud like private cloud, public cloud, Hybrid Cloud and so on.

What are these types of Clouds?
Yes, Cloud computing has divided into three forms: Public Clouds, Private Clouds and Hybrid Clouds.

Now we would be discussing about each of these Clouds.

1. Public Cloud.
A Public Cloud is defined as the multi-leaseholder where you buy a server portion in a Cloud Computing environment which is shared by a number of other clients.  Here service providers make resources such as applications and storage available to the public over the internet.

2. Private Cloud.
Private Cloud is a model of Cloud Computing which includes specific and secure cloud based environment in which only the distinct client can operate. The features and benefits of private clouds are Higher Security and Privacy, More Control, Cost and Energy Efficiency, Improved Reliability and Cloud Bursting.

3. Hybrid Cloud.
Hybrid Cloud is an integrated Cloud Service is utilizing both  private and public clouds to perform specific functions within the same organization.

There are so many companies like Racks and Cables provides Cloud Hosting Services. Racks and Cables are one of the leading  Cloud Hosting Service Providers in India. We offer public cloud services more secure with Strong Service Level Agreements(SLA).
We are providing you a secure and reliable platform, so you can faithfully move your business-critical workloads in our Cloud.

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Data Centre Service Providers in India.

All of them are very familiar with the word Data Centre Services. Then What Data Centre Services really means?

Data Centre Services includes Web Hosting, which is a type of service, using that individuals and organizations can make their website accessible via World Wide Web. There are so many companies were providing Hosting Services.

Actually, What Hosting Providers are Doing?

Data Centre Service Providers in IndiaHosting companies are providing you a space on their server owned or leased for use by clients also providing internet connectivity in a Data Centre. There are different types of web hosting services which starts from the very basic level to higher levels. Basic level means Web Page or Small-scale file hosting. Here files are uploaded by using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or a Web interface. In another case Hosting a website for a business or Business web hosting is highly expensive depending on the size of the website.

Now we would be discussing about different types of hosting.

Free Hosting

Some ISPs offer free web hosting. If your website is very small or it is a personal site, free web hosting is enough for you. Because you don’t need very much traffic to these small sites. The main disadvantage of this hosting is technical support may be limited.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is the most cost effective way to host your website. You will get your own domain name with Shared Hosting. Here your website will be hosted along with another hundred websites. A shared Hosting provides various software solutions like email, database and different editing options. Comparing to Free Hosting you will get better technical support.

Dedicated Hosting

With Dedicated Hosting your website hosted on a Dedicated Server. Dedicated Hosting is best suited for large websites which needs more traffic and it is the most expensive hosting. This Hosting is very powerful and secure with unlimited software solutions.

VPS Hosting

Vps Hosting is one of the newest form of web hosting. Here your website is hosted on a virtual private server. Vps runs its own copy of an operating system and customers will get super user level access to the Server. Vps Hosting has less expense comparable to Dedicated hosting as well as it gives the same benefits of Dedicated Hosting.

These are something about different types of Hosting. Now a days lot of Data centers are available and they ready to provide different types of hosting. Data Centre Service Providers in India like Racks and Cables offer all types of hosting mechanisms with high security and reliability. Racks and Cables offer Shared Hosting Services in India, Vps Hosting in India, Dedicated Server Hosting in India and Cloud Services.

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Dedicated Hosting in India.

dedicated-hosting in india

A Dedicated server or Dedicated hosting is a type of internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else. In the Web hosting a dedicated server refers to the rental and exclusive use of a computer that includes a Web server, related software, and connection to the Internet, housed in the Web hosting company’s premises. If you choose dedicated Hosting then no need to share the system resources such as processor, memory, power and disk space with other sites on the same server. Dedicated hosting offer more reliability. Here you don’t need to face the risk of the server being slowed down, traffic problem or crashed by another site on a server.

Normally a Dedicated Server is leased to a single company unlike vps or shared hosting where a server and resources are shared by others. Because of this feature a Dedicated Server is more secure, stable, powerful and this is the most reliable web hosting. Most of the Dedicated Hosting, the hosting provider give you the infrastructure, maintenance and support. So the client need to pay only for the usage of the server thus client can save money and expenses on infrastructure. No need to hire experts, and continuous maintenance and monitoring of server and Data Centre. Infrastructure maintenance and replacements are taken care by the Hosting Provider.

The main disadvantage of Dedicated hosting is its high cost compared to another type of hosting. If your Dedicated Hosting Server faces any problem you need to pay for the hosting provider for the maintenance. You will need to take all such expenses into consideration when you choose a Dedicated Hosting.

If you choose a managed Dedicated Hosting there is an option to manage the server fully or partially which is depends on the web hosting provider’s plans. It’s better to choose Dedicated Hosting if your business needs a massive expansion. According to the traffic increments you will need extra resources. Many of the Dedicated Hosting providers like Racks and Cables will give you front end and back end tools along with the standard features.

Racks and Cables are the Data Centre Service Providers in India and we offer Dedicated Hosting in India and other major countries. Racks and cables give you a greater degree of security, nobody is going to access your server. Racks and Cables offer you the facility to install other software or you wish to configure the server for your own particular needs. In Dedicated hosting, you can use your own custom firewall to enforce your own access control policy. We offer 100% dedicated, protected resources to all dedicated hosting customers, also you get unrestricted access to your computing resources.

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Mail Hosting Services India

mail hosting services in india.Nowadays, technology is always growing and email has become the primary source of communication. At anywhere, from any small organization to very large organization without email it’s very difficult to spend a day. So email is  core to their day to day business activities. So many companies are providing mail hosting services. When you choose a mail hosting service, the very first thing you have to think that if your mail server can covers all of your needs.

Following are the things that you should consider when you choose a Mail Hosting Service.

1. Security -Security is the very essential thing. Keeping your email secure is the very fundamental thing. You have to ensure that your hosting provider offers you spam and virus protection. Proper E-mail security protects you from hacking also. Find a mail hosting provider that has globally redundant servers and offer you 24*7 monitoring and support of their experts also ensure that they are given proper data backup. Check their disaster recovery plans. It helps you to recover everything if any disaster happens.

2. Administration and Ease of use – The best email hosting services providing you complete control over your email environment. Also, your mail hosting provider ready to give support when ever you want through phone, email and chat. Remember that downtime costs you, so ensure that you are getting proper back up with SLA.

3. Compatibility and Flexibility – Choose a email hosting service which offer enterprise level syncing with mobile and web applications. Its very beneficial for you.

4. Availability – We all know down time costs our business very badly. So it’s very important to find a mail hosting service that gives at least 99.9 percentage uptime. Because Email is the crucial part in the business activities also it contains many of business data.

Racks and Cables are one of the top Data Centre Service Providers in India and offer Mail Hosting Services in India. We offer complete corporate mailing solutions at various sizing based on the size of your requirement. Racks and Cables providing Cloud Based mailing services and our experts monitor and provides you 24*7 support and 99.9% uptime guarantee.We are giving hosting services on both Linux and Windows platforms as well as provide managed hosting support on Zimbra, Microsoft Exchange, etc. Also, we are offering high level security which includes specific anti-malware, anti-spam filtering and data loss prevention capabilities.

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Vps Hosting in India.

       Vps hosting in India

         Vps Hosting uses a virtual machine that runs its own copy of an operating system and providing admin level access to the customers. Here a customer can install or uninstall any application according to their needs.
Vps Hosting providers  like RacksandCables offers complete solution for your hosting needs. You can implement vps either on Private implementation mode or Public implementation mode.   

        RacksandCables offers Vps Hosting in India on both private and public implementation modes. In Vps hosting each vps is a single indpendant unit even though you share resources. If one server face any technical problem or issues it does not affect the other servers. That is the main advantage of Vps Hosting. Here customers get the ability to install what ever they want in the Server. RacksandCables provide root level access to the customers so they can make any changes though the terminal access.
Vps hosting uses virtualization technology, because of that each user get indipendant machines. The user will get more privacy and security comparing to shared hosting. Vps hosting offer advantages of Dedicated hosting also. Most hosting providers give you the resources like memory, CPU and disk space. Here you need to share only CPU and bandwidth with other users.
Advantages of Vps Hosting
1. Self Dependancy – Vps hosting offer better security because it uses its own resources and Os. Here the operating system rebooted and configured independently from other virtual machines. So it does not affected by other users actions.
2. Performance and Reliability – Vps hosting offer better performance and reliability because every server uses its own cpu and resources and no need to share resources with other servers. Thats why vps hosting is known as semi-dedicated hosting.
3. Custom Installations – Vps hosting allow customized installations because each user get the root level access to the server. You are the sole owner of your vps.
4. Dedicated Mail Server – Vps hosting offers a dedicated mail server with separate ip address. It protects you from spam black lists because of some ones spam activities on a shared mail server.
Beyond of these advantages RacksandCables offer 24*7 technical support, Privacy, Security and Safety, Managed shared firewall port, Automatic security updates and patch management and 99% up time guarantee.


Buy Vps Hosting.

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Private Cloud


datascentre service providers|private cloud

  Private cloud  is a model of cloud computing that provide scalability and self service and a secure platform in which the specified client can operate. It is dedicated to a single organization. Private cloud provide computing power service within a virtualized environment using an underlying pool of physical computing resource. As a result private cloud is suit for business that need direct control over their environments. A Private cloud give the benefits of public cloud as well as it include multi-tenancy, and creating multiple machines for doing complex computer tasks.

Cloud computing is a computing architecture protected by a firewall. In addition private cloud offer hosted service behind a firewall. So it reduce the security risk around the cloud. Private cloud also offer direct control over data for the companies.

The features and benefits of private clouds are.

1. High privacy and security.

2. More control.

3. Improved Reliability.

4. Cost and energy efficiency.

RacksandCables offer managed cloud solutions. Our support team will run and lead all of your cloud work loads 24*7*365.

Fervent support is what makes RacksandCables the one of the leading Data Centre Service Providers – delegate you to overcome the difficulties of cloud computing.

1)High privacy and security

Cloud Computing offer high privacy and security to customers and users. This architecture protected through a dedicated firewall. Understanding the needs of the user and providing essential security, they needed is something that Racks and Cables Data centre service providers do.

2)More Control and Stretch ability

This specific architecture gives more control to the user. The needed resources for the user will get allocated when ever it is needed and when ever it is not needed system will automatically De allocate the resource. This doesn’t have any kind of limit. Whatever the users need the system will stretch itself on demand.

3) Reliability

As we all know everything works now on computer. So the reliability of the service should be excellent.

The service provider must assure the quality of service and provide adequate resources and bandwidth. Compromising any of this will be a fatal error and this may severely effect the users.

4)Cost and Energy efficient.

Cloud computing costs are according to the usage of it. This is according to the usage of several types of resources. Because of that user can easily track what ever the resources they are using. 

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