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  Private cloud  is a model of cloud computing that provide scalability and self service and a secure platform in which the specified client can operate. It is dedicated to a single organization. Private cloud provide computing power service within a virtualized environment using an underlying pool of physical computing resource. As a result private cloud is suit for business that need direct control over their environments. A Private cloud give the benefits of public cloud as well as it include multi-tenancy, and creating multiple machines for doing complex computer tasks.

Cloud computing is a computing architecture protected by a firewall. In addition private cloud offer hosted service behind a firewall. So it reduce the security risk around the cloud. Private cloud also offer direct control over data for the companies.

The features and benefits of private clouds are.

1. High privacy and security.

2. More control.

3. Improved Reliability.

4. Cost and energy efficiency.

RacksandCables offer managed cloud solutions. Our support team will run and lead all of your cloud work loads 24*7*365.

Fervent support is what makes RacksandCables the one of the leading Data Centre Service Providers – delegate you to overcome the difficulties of cloud computing.

1)High privacy and security

Cloud Computing offer high privacy and security to customers and users. This architecture protected through a dedicated firewall. Understanding the needs of the user and providing essential security, they needed is something that Racks and Cables Data centre service providers do.

2)More Control and Stretch ability

This specific architecture gives more control to the user. The needed resources for the user will get allocated when ever it is needed and when ever it is not needed system will automatically De allocate the resource. This doesn’t have any kind of limit. Whatever the users need the system will stretch itself on demand.

3) Reliability

As we all know everything works now on computer. So the reliability of the service should be excellent.

The service provider must assure the quality of service and provide adequate resources and bandwidth. Compromising any of this will be a fatal error and this may severely effect the users.

4)Cost and Energy efficient.

Cloud computing costs are according to the usage of it. This is according to the usage of several types of resources. Because of that user can easily track what ever the resources they are using. 

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