Vps Hosting in India.

       Vps hosting in India

         Vps Hosting uses a virtual machine that runs its own copy of an operating system and providing admin level access to the customers. Here a customer can install or uninstall any application according to their needs.
Vps Hosting providers  like RacksandCables offers complete solution for your hosting needs. You can implement vps either on Private implementation mode or Public implementation mode.   

        RacksandCables offers Vps Hosting in India on both private and public implementation modes. In Vps hosting each vps is a single indpendant unit even though you share resources. If one server face any technical problem or issues it does not affect the other servers. That is the main advantage of Vps Hosting. Here customers get the ability to install what ever they want in the Server. RacksandCables provide root level access to the customers so they can make any changes though the terminal access.
Vps hosting uses virtualization technology, because of that each user get indipendant machines. The user will get more privacy and security comparing to shared hosting. Vps hosting offer advantages of Dedicated hosting also. Most hosting providers give you the resources like memory, CPU and disk space. Here you need to share only CPU and bandwidth with other users.
Advantages of Vps Hosting
1. Self Dependancy – Vps hosting offer better security because it uses its own resources and Os. Here the operating system rebooted and configured independently from other virtual machines. So it does not affected by other users actions.
2. Performance and Reliability – Vps hosting offer better performance and reliability because every server uses its own cpu and resources and no need to share resources with other servers. Thats why vps hosting is known as semi-dedicated hosting.
3. Custom Installations – Vps hosting allow customized installations because each user get the root level access to the server. You are the sole owner of your vps.
4. Dedicated Mail Server – Vps hosting offers a dedicated mail server with separate ip address. It protects you from spam black lists because of some ones spam activities on a shared mail server.
Beyond of these advantages RacksandCables offer 24*7 technical support, Privacy, Security and Safety, Managed shared firewall port, Automatic security updates and patch management and 99% up time guarantee.


Buy Vps Hosting.

Anu. M.S


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