Mail Hosting Services India

mail hosting services in india.Nowadays, technology is always growing and email has become the primary source of communication. At anywhere, from any small organization to very large organization without email it’s very difficult to spend a day. So email is  core to their day to day business activities. So many companies are providing mail hosting services. When you choose a mail hosting service, the very first thing you have to think that if your mail server can covers all of your needs.

Following are the things that you should consider when you choose a Mail Hosting Service.

1. Security -Security is the very essential thing. Keeping your email secure is the very fundamental thing. You have to ensure that your hosting provider offers you spam and virus protection. Proper E-mail security protects you from hacking also. Find a mail hosting provider that has globally redundant servers and offer you 24*7 monitoring and support of their experts also ensure that they are given proper data backup. Check their disaster recovery plans. It helps you to recover everything if any disaster happens.

2. Administration and Ease of use – The best email hosting services providing you complete control over your email environment. Also, your mail hosting provider ready to give support when ever you want through phone, email and chat. Remember that downtime costs you, so ensure that you are getting proper back up with SLA.

3. Compatibility and Flexibility – Choose a email hosting service which offer enterprise level syncing with mobile and web applications. Its very beneficial for you.

4. Availability – We all know down time costs our business very badly. So it’s very important to find a mail hosting service that gives at least 99.9 percentage uptime. Because Email is the crucial part in the business activities also it contains many of business data.

Racks and Cables are one of the top Data Centre Service Providers in India and offer Mail Hosting Services in India. We offer complete corporate mailing solutions at various sizing based on the size of your requirement. Racks and Cables providing Cloud Based mailing services and our experts monitor and provides you 24*7 support and 99.9% uptime guarantee.We are giving hosting services on both Linux and Windows platforms as well as provide managed hosting support on Zimbra, Microsoft Exchange, etc. Also, we are offering high level security which includes specific anti-malware, anti-spam filtering and data loss prevention capabilities.

For more details visit the following link.

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